A great way to learn how to sound design.

So many chords, so little time.

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Syntorial is an interactive tool for learning synthesis.

It works really well.

The thing that it does is focus on practice, but in an incremental manner. It is basically a synth, where each section can be hidden, and the resolution of each knob and fader can be lowered, and these two ideas are what give it so much power as a learning tool.

This ingenious design allows the student to start by turning everything off and turning the resoliution down so low that they can replicate what they hear perfectly. The first lession starts off by showing the student the difference between sawtooth and squre waves, and also how they can be similar when one alters the pulse width of the square wave. This focus on breaking down the problem to it’s simplest elements and then building up a sensitivity to each aspect of sound design over time is a really solid idea, and Syntorial executes it very well.

There are many lessons as well, and by the time you have reached the end of the program you are reacreating sounds that use all of the different sections of the synth and with high resolution of all of the controls, but you had to work your way up to that level of understanding, rather than just jumping into the deep end without any prior knowledge or skill.

I can’t recommend Syntorial enough for almost anybody interested in sound design, and making their own sounds. Even if you have prevous experience you might just pick something up from using it also.

I know I did.

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